Saturday, 12 August 2017

Fully Cracked Anonytun 2.6 No Advert

Some of us are enjoying the Glo free browsing with Anonytun VPN , But someone like me is not .

Reason : The advert in the app is so terrible that it can interrupt what you are doing or force close anything you are doing . So many have tried to remove the advert but each time you try the app will stop working .

Second: the VPN is only for downloading . You can not receive mail or use few other needed stuff like RDP . In the case of torrent i understand but mail and RDP with few others i don't .Am not here to lecture you on why the VPN is the worst VPN , but just to give you reason why you dont need the VPN if you are not a download freak .

We cracked it cus the advert is much : After the threat that he will ban Nigerians if we try to remove advert because I ask him why some port was blocked we decided to remove the advert .

Sorry Guys : I hate threat especially when i mean no harm to anyone . So if you want the cracked version ( Anonytun 2.6)

Link to Download : Download Here
NOTE: you must be rooted to use it .

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