Saturday, 12 August 2017

FREE Phone Number For US verification

Most of Us need Us Verification for US Number here it is...Read the steps carefully and Wholla..!!!

So you need practically any smart phone that has the apple appstore, amazon appstore, google playstore, or windows phone crap whatever they use…

So go to this site to find the download link for your device Click Here

Step 1= Download the app onto your device

Step 2 = Sign up

Step 3 = Get your free phone #

Step 4 =Profit. Extra stuff:

So basically you can enter bull shit info, for a USA phone number, use a (USA vpn if you aren’t in the USA) area code. Doesn’t matter just the area code needs to be legit.
Example: 713-xxx-xxxx Then enter in random shet, make sure it gives you a +1 United States done.

Comment if you need help.

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